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Show your inflatable boat with pride!

Is your tender seen her fair share of nautical miles?
Do not worry we can bring it back to the shiny look she had before when you just bought her!

Your tubes are in pvc, no problem we can make new tubes in hypalon.
Retubing your RIB is the fastest and most popular way to bring new life to an older boat.

Because new tubes have an expected life span of 8 to 10 years your boat will look as good if not better than it did when it was new, and its a lot less expensive than buying a brand new boat.
The fiberglass hull can also be repair or upgraded with a better console or new gauges.

If you can not bring your boat to us; just give us a call and we will pick it up or delivered it to you.

Re-tubing- retubing a RIB can turn a tired and worn looking RIB into a brand new boat. We literally take the old tubes/collar off and install brand new ones. Putting new tubes gives you 10 more years of life on your boat.

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Aquascan INC reserves the right to change, alter, and modify its finished boats, accessories, parts, specifications, and prices at any time without notice. Aquascan INC is not obligated to modify units produced prior to change date. Some pictures on this site may show options that are not standard.