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Inflatable boat repair is part of what we do.
We can do repairs as simple as a patch on a leak or tear all the way to a complete rebuild of your boat.
We can repair or rebuild your Inflatable boat and make it look and perform better than new.

We can also help you maintain your inflatable at home with some tried and true maintenance products.
If you can not bring your boat to us we will pick it up any where from Palm Beach to Miami.

Retubing – retubing a RIB can turn a tired and worn looking RIB into a brand new boat. We literally take the old tubes/collar off and install brand new ones. Putting new tubes gives you 10 more years of life on your boat.

Reskinning – Reskinning the collar is a great option for tubes that are perfect except for being a little worn. It is also great for changing the color of the top half of the tube. We remove all the extras that are attached to the top half of the tube (handles, d-rings, etch), and install a brand new layer of fabric on that top half and replace your handles etc. It is also a great way to give extra strength and durability to high stress and high wear areas.

 Patch – A patch is exactly what it sounds. It can be used to fix a tear or hole in the collar or to reinforce a small worn area both for esthetic and performance reasons.

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Aquascan INC reserves the right to change, alter, and modify its finished boats, accessories, parts, specifications, and prices at any time without notice. Aquascan INC is not obligated to modify units produced prior to change date. Some pictures on this site may show options that are not standard.